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    OK Driver’s Licenses Not Secure As ID


    Beginning 2015, Oklahoma driver’s licenses will not be deemed secure identification to allow entry in federal buildings because of the...

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    Muslim Groups Call For Politicians’ Resignations


    Two high-profile Republicans are under fire for making what some have been deemed as disparaging remarks against Islam, causing some Muslim groups to...

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    OK Honors 9/11 Victims


    Oklahoma honored the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., with simple...

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    Top 50 Safest Cities In Oklahoma


    SafeWise.com used FBI crime statistics from 2012 to compile its annual “The 50 Safest Cities in Oklahoma” list, which it...

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    Fallin Creates Seismic Research Council


    Governor Mary Fallin announced that she has created The Coordinating Council on Seismic...

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    Robin Williams Dead In Apparent Suicide


    Legendary comedian and Academy Award-winning actor Robin Williams has died in an apparent suicide, stunning the Hollywood community and his millions of fans.

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    TV, Film Legend James Garner Dies


    Hollywood legend and Norman native James Garner died Sunday night at his home in the Brentwood neighborhood in Los Angeles. He was 86.

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    Garth Brooks Announces New Music, Major Tour


    Garth Brooks announced Thursday his plans to record new music under a new record label as well has his plans to begin a worldwide tour.

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    Garth Brooks Cancels Ireland Concerts


    All five Garth Brooks concerts at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland, were canceled, despite the sale of 400,000 tickets, because of a local ordinance allowing a three-show limit.

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    Fireworks Displays Of Northeast Oklahoma


    Fireworks displays will be held all over northeast Oklahoma to commemorate the Fourth of July. Please read further for a list of July 4 events featuring fireworks.

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    God Optional In Air Force Oath


    Caving to the complaints of an advocacy group, the Air Force Academy has decided to make the reference of God in its Honor Oath optional.

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    More Oklahoma Colleges Sue Over ACA


    Three Oklahoma universities joined Oklahoma...

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    Oklahoma A Top 10 Religious State


    A Gallup poll survey released Wednesday ranks Oklahoma as tied for ninth place as the most religious state in America.

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    Pope Benedict XVI Resigns


    Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation Monday, citing advanced age and the resulting deteriorating strength as his reasons for being the first pope in 597 years to step...


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    Celebrating Liberty


    We Americans will be celebrating freedom on July 4, yet many of us don't feel free. Millions suffer from various forms of bondage, but Christ has the answer.

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    Weight Loss Wrap-Up


    Wrapping up the series “My Journey to Weight Loss.” Thank you to those who followed.

Cartel Second’s Brother Licensed

By Tom Locicero
Our News Oklahoma

June 14, 2012

Five alleged associates of Mexico’s deadly Los Zetas drug cartel, including the brother of the cartel’s second-in-command, were issued horse owner’s licenses by the Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission.

Jose Trevino Morales, the older brother of Los Zetas gang leader Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, and four other alleged cartel associates, were granted licenses despite being indicted in Texas May 30 for using a horse breeding and racing operation to launder $20 million of cartel drug money.

Jose Trevino’s wife and nine others were also indicted. However, it is believed that the indictment was not caught during the criminal background check because the grand jury documents were not unsealed until June 12.

Jose Trevino and his associates operated Zule Farms on 84th Street in Lexington, Okla. Prior to that, they were living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area without suspicion. A police investigation alleges that the cartel began its money laundering operation in 2008.

Those applying for an OHRC license are required to have a valid date of birth and Social Security number and their fingerprints are sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI for a criminal history check. All but one of the five men who were granted licenses had been licensed in other states, including California, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas.


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