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    Former OK Senator Arrested For DUI Again


    Former Oklahoma Senator Cal Hobson was arrested for DUI in Lexington marking the third time he has been arrested for the driving under the influence since last year.

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    No Child Left Behind Waiver Extension Denied


    The federal government rejected Oklahoma’s application for a No Child Left Behind waiver extension, which Gov. Mary Fallin...

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    Oklahoma Joe’s To Change Name


    Oklahoma Joe’s restaurant will change its name to deflect any perception that the restaurant has ties to Oklahoma even though the first location...

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    Oklahomans Rated Average Drivers


    The 10th annual “America’s Best Drivers Report,” compiled by Allstate, which ranks the...

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    OK To Improve Railroad Crossings


    The Oklahoma Department of Transportation will begin a long project early next year to improve safety at every railroad...

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    Robin Williams Dead In Apparent Suicide


    Legendary comedian and Academy Award-winning actor Robin Williams has died in an apparent suicide, stunning the Hollywood community and his millions of fans.

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    TV, Film Legend James Garner Dies


    Hollywood legend and Norman native James Garner died Sunday night at his home in the Brentwood neighborhood in Los Angeles. He was 86.

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    Garth Brooks Announces New Music, Major Tour


    Garth Brooks announced Thursday his plans to record new music under a new record label as well has his plans to begin a worldwide tour.

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    Garth Brooks Cancels Ireland Concerts


    All five Garth Brooks concerts at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland, were canceled, despite the sale of 400,000 tickets, because of a local ordinance allowing a three-show limit.

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    Fireworks Displays Of Northeast Oklahoma


    Fireworks displays will be held all over northeast Oklahoma to commemorate the Fourth of July. Please read further for a list of July 4 events featuring fireworks.

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    God Optional In Air Force Oath


    Caving to the complaints of an advocacy group, the Air Force Academy has decided to make the reference of God in its Honor Oath optional.

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    More Oklahoma Colleges Sue Over ACA


    Three Oklahoma universities joined Oklahoma...

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    Oklahoma A Top 10 Religious State


    A Gallup poll survey released Wednesday ranks Oklahoma as tied for ninth place as the most religious state in America.

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    Pope Benedict XVI Resigns


    Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation Monday, citing advanced age and the resulting deteriorating strength as his reasons for being the first pope in 597 years to step...


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       Columnist        Joanna Young

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    Celebrating Liberty


    We Americans will be celebrating freedom on July 4, yet many of us don't feel free. Millions suffer from various forms of bondage, but Christ has the answer.

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    Weight Loss Wrap-Up


    Wrapping up the series “My Journey to Weight Loss.” Thank you to those who followed.

By Tom Locicero
Our News Oklahoma Writer/Editor

January 2, 2013

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office recognized its staff for various outstanding contributions and achievements during 2012.

The TCSO Employee Awards List is as follows:


Lifesaving Award

Sergeant Jeff Freeman

Detention Officer Jason Graham

Detention Officer Steven Summers

Detention Officer Ray Bingham

Reserve Deputy Chris King

Reserve Deputy Mark Kirschner

Medal of Valor

Deputy Marlin Warren

Meritorious Award

Sergeant David Roberts

Deputy Lance Ramsey

Corporal Jeffery Organ

Deputy Joseph Byars

Corporal Thomas Helm

Deputy Santiago Rodriguez

Reserve Deputy Gary Walker

Officer Jesse Brewer Reserve

Deputy Erin Wyatt

Reserve Deputy Robert Bates

Reserve Deputy Ken Yazel

Reserve Deputy Doc Shannon Jr.

Special Agent Darrell Withem

Special Agent Matt Ferguson

Special Agent Matt McCullough

Officer Glenn Pope

Officer Jared Lowe

Wayne Kirkpatrick

Deputy Chris King

Deputy Mark Kirschner

Distinguished Service Award

Sergeant Bob Darby

Sergeant Mark Stevens

Sergeant Renee Winston

Deputy Stacie Holloway

Deputy Chris Pierce

Deputy Scott Dean (2)

Deputy Don Stach

Deputy Leighton Boyd

Deputy Eric Beck

Deputy Justin Green

Deputy Bobby Swatsenbarg

Detention Officer Laura Norris

Reserve Deputy Ron Emmons

Unit Commendation-Masek’s Funeral Relief

Corporal Jerry Holloway

Deputy Stacie Holloway

Reserve Deputy Jim Baker

Reserve Deputy Roger Crow

Reserve Deputy Franklin Daggs

Reserve Deputy Dune Friedson

Reserve Deputy Kirill Growon

Reserve Deputy Tracy Hefley

Reserve Deputy Donnie Howard

Reserve Deputy David Jobe Reserve

Deputy Michael Leitch

Reserve Deputy George Mabe

Reserve Deputy Michael Neafus

Reserve Deputy Chris Roberts

Reserve Deputy Erin Wyatt

Unit Commendation – 287g

Corporal Tom Helm

Deputy Matthew Tryon

Deputy Susanna Snyder

Deputy Marlin Warren

Deputy Rhea Tatum

Deputy Allen Goodson

Deputy Justin Kaczynski

Deputy Chris Cornwell

Detention Officer Steven Norwood

Detention Officer Chris Cook

Detention Officer Roger Fetterhoff

Detention Officer Kaci Beaston

Detention Officer Jonathon Pursley

Detention Officer Cindy West

Unit Commendation – Courthouse Shooting

Deputy Charles Crow

Deputy Jeffery Davison

Deputy Robert Golliday

Deputy Amber Solomon

Deputy Skee Olmstead

Deputy Sean Scott

Deputy Michael Duncan

Deputy Laura Nieves

Deputy Matthew Johnson

Deputy Timothy Yoha

Deputy Monica Holloway

CSO William Barry

CSO John Hill

CSO Glenn Potter

CSO Dennis Shelton

CSO Kimberly Sartor

CSO Mary Richards

Employee of the Year

Tomi Cupps

Letters of Commendation

Captain Rob Lillard

Corporal Jerry Holloway

Corporal Billy McKelvey

Corporal Tom Helm

Deputy Phyllis Langley

Deputy Ralph Mavers

Deputy Ted McDaris

Deputy Clifford Morrison

Deputy Stacie Holloway

Deputy Darrin Gropp

Deputy Jeff Whitfield

Detention Officer Stubblefield

Detention Officer Matt Oglesby

Detention Officer Doug Hemphill

Chaplain Ken Farnham

Certificate of Commendation

Sergeant Paula Hite

Deputy Wayne Pauley


Photo credit: ebay.com.


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